Poem 23: A Tribute to Francis Dana Barker Gage “We Will”


Our future to see

What will our injustice and cruelty flout

cleaning up the historic debris

as we exercise our newfound clout


The politicians with all the words of know

will no longer have their show

They will be put where they belong

singing a soulful begrudging song


Those who have been called gentle

will have their say, in more ways than one

No longer accused of being temperamental

For them, the instructors of our law will be done


The wars that kill us, in the name of country

Their ignorant cry of bounty

There will be a peaceful transaction

of good towards our neighbour’s station


Corruption, fraud and lies

Not permitted in the new party’s world

I hear the angry impatient cries

that will roll out the carpet of dreams unfurled


Those drunken men of wife and child

No longer permitted in their inns so wild

The dens of iniquity shall be destroyed

and the many numbers of our grace employed


It is time for the voice of suffrage to abound

and never stop until the old force is thrown

We know the answer, it has been found

and the new winds of victory blown

One thought on “Poem 23: A Tribute to Francis Dana Barker Gage “We Will”

  1. Like Barker, you’ve crafted a poem of optimism for our future of freedom for all, which she in her poem HUNDRED YEARS HENCE, believed would already be the case.
    History unfortunately continues to repeat itself. I hope like you fo the ‘new winds of victory’ to win out at long last.

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