Am I Losing My Mind?

I vowed not to cave in to my fear, but my heart wasn’t listening and was acting like it was running the race of its life.
The coast was clear but I heard laughter.
Am I losing my mind? Was that the scrape of boots on the hardwood floor?

I dashed behind the cupboard, nearly knocking over my Great Grandmom’s prized antique jars. Which would be worse?
The Karma payback or the wrath of my mother?
Panting, I beg my heart to slow down.
Outside the kitchen window, the ferns waved in the wind. Were they mocking me?
I imagine their response to my imagined intruder. But he’s there! He’s taunting me.
I debate about grabbing a lantern to go outside and confront them all, but this is not a Dickens’ novel and I’m not dressed properly.

Fear be gone!
I am strong.
I yank open the freezer door and pull out my beloved Ben & Jerry’s (New York Super Chunk) and (Cookie dough). These troubling times call for backups. I reach for a spoon reminding myself that by not putting it in a dish, this will save water.
That’s my good deed for the environment.
My inner critic tells my thighs to expect company.
My heart is back to normal. Fear a distant memory.
Resolutions are made to be broken.

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