No, my dog didn’t eat my first poem…

my computer is functioning fine
and while I’d love to blame my not promptly posting on wordpress, 
that’s not the truth, either.
I keep my promises. I don’t promise often. Easier that way.

a chance to audition for Oscar-winning director Steve McQueen
is an opportunity that comes along maybe once every 12 years…
So I made a compromise.
I went uptown writing along the way. All the way to 145th street, to be exact.

The line snaked for several Manhattan-sized city blocks.
I stood out. No, it wasn’t the poet glowing from within. Tho that didn’t hurt.
I was the only blonde. One of 3 females.
A rep looks at me and says, “I’m sure you’re very talented BUT I don’t think you could play an African-American male convincingly.”
I smile.
Fair enough. But to audition for Steve McQueen…
“The notice said, ALL people welcome and I am a person.”
We both grinned.
“Misprint.” and seeing my disappointment added, “Unfortunately.”
Do I trust him? Is he speaking the truth?
“We are accepting drop-offs.” he encouraged me.
I look at the line snaking around the block. and another block. and another block. and still going…
Thanking him, I hand him my headshot and resume.

Today, my creative energy is better spent writing poetry.

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