‘Teamwork’ or, ‘John Starks was my favorite sixth man’

Point guard (#1)

Playmaker of the team

Excellent ball handler

Makes great passes

Think Magic Johnson, tallest point guard in history


Shooting guard (#2)

The marksman, usually scores the most

Hangs in the backcourt with the point guard

Is M.J. or Kobe better?




Small forward (#3)

Most versatile

Long-range shooter

Primary defender

Larry Bird, Dr. J or LeBron




Power Forward (#4)


Big guy who blocks

Doesn’t mind playing dirty

Bill Russell, tho Dennis “the Worm” Rodman is probably better known



Center (#5)

Patrols the paint

Strong aggressive rebounder

Imposing presence, like Shaquille “Shaq Attaq” O’Neal




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