Emoji Poem

“A tiger! A tiger!” I yelled sprinting into my front yard where I found my little brother messing with the sprinkler.


“No, I’m not burning up with whatever is blowing up the world. I am telling you I saw a tiger in the woods just now. Yesterday, I went camping in that grove just past the evergreens and bedded down under that enormous oak tree. It was a gorgeous night under the stars, and when I woke up this morning, there he was!’


“So what? I’ve watched ‘Tiger King’ a few times. That has nothing to do with this! Why are you still asking me questions? No, it wasn’t a ghost tiger, you idiot! Stop it. Go look for yourself, if you really think I am pulling your leg.”


“So, you saw it, and now you believe me. Praise be!”


“Holy shit! It followed you home! I told you to run in a staggered pattern. You never listen to me. Give me your phone, I’m going to text Mom. She’ll know what to do.”

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