The Aggressive Giraffe

The Aggressive Giraffe

“I can’t believe the library is closing early today.

Everyone must get out of my way,”

Barked Annie, the aggressive giraffe.

“A three-day weekend with the kids off at camp.

My husband laid up with writer’s cramp.

I need a new book and a fresh cup of tea.”

Pulling into the lot with minutes to spare,

Annie stormed through the doors without a care.

“I need a new book, a mystery or thriller.”

Around the shelves, she started to sprint.

“I’d prefer a book with extremely large print.

The one’s with fine print are a pain in my neck.”

The librarian brought her a stack of the latest fiction.

Annie skimmed through them all with great conviction.

“I thought you had the latest John Grisham.”

Her long neck allowed her to spot it across the room

“It will be mine,” Annie assumed.

She raced to the book without a care.

Knocking down people and toppling stacks of books

The entire building trembled and shook.

The aggressive giraffe was almost there!

Touching the book on the tip of its corner,

her fingers slipped off and she became a mourner.

“You snooze, you lose,” said a prickly hedgehog.

One thought on “The Aggressive Giraffe

  1. So much fun! I love the quirky rhymes and how you incorporated the prompt – great visual poem for the young-at-heart! Love this line:
    ‘The one’s with fine print are a pain in my neck.”’ Made me laugh!

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