Inspiration: Spork

I suppose it takes a lot more to inspire me

A black and white picture of a pic dog in a sweatshirt is close enough to being my spirit animal but mostly I’m a cat person and probably a crazy one

Just give me ten or so more years of living like this and I might snap sooner rather than later

My daughter liked the pic of the green blob of moss with googly eyes in someone’s hands but I really can’t get with that
Is that supposed to be joy or whimsy or nature I have no idea
I liked the idea of the googly eyes though because who doesn’t

And anyway the last picture in the prompt was nice and spiritual-esq but it was nature and I am the worst at nature

And maybe I’m not in a deep enough peaceful enough calm enough place to be all “ooooh a door and sun and a tree let’s mediate or reflect on the human condition!” Because my entire current human condition is more than enough to deal with

As I write this poem I’m playing candy land with my daughter in
My unmade bed
Coffee finally ready after a trip to trader joes for cream

My daughter just used eye shadow to paint my face into a clown or kitty cat or what looks like a 35 year old woman after a rough night at a bar and wow is that hard to wash off

So inspiration hmmmm

Sounds like one of those words that the more you say it or look at it or think about it
It loses it’s meaning

spork spork spork
bog bog bog

Though as a Nietzsche fan and part time nihilist

I suppose meaninglessness
is the ultimate inspiration

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