My Mistress (5th Hour)

My Mistress has many names given to her by all those that adore her

My Mistress has many children of all shapes, sizes, and color

She is a great teacher and lover to all

Teaching us all how to sing, dance, cast, and cook

She can hop, sway, and swing

Her dances and songs are better than sin

My Mistress knows how to tempt the devil himself into letting loose and roll with the good times

She’s spicy, sweet, full of rhythm and Congo beats

Her recipes call for several measures of magic and the Holy Trinity

Once I landed on this Creole beauty, I knew my eyes will look for no other

When I tasted her, my soul cried out for more

When her trumpets and drums banged against my skin my heart was rooted in

She does not belong to me but I learned to love her selflessly

My body may not have been borne from her flesh but I am kept

My Mistress of Jazz, my Madam of Gumbo, my Duchess of coffee and beignets and Priestess of all things that go bump in the night

My hips sway to your seductions

My soul sings for your trumpets

My spirit is seasoned by your herbs and spices

My blood is now infused by your second line

My Mistress your name rings out to my being

New Orleans you are tantalizing and freeing

5 thoughts on “My Mistress (5th Hour)

  1. Love love love it!!! In fact I knew what you were talking about when you said it’s one of the 1st cities you ever visited. But now having experienced it for myself, that poem couldn’t have been more perfect in describing New Orleans. Awesome poem, great work.

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