Just a Man with a Sign

I live in a dark and lonely world
One so hard to understand
I have no family, no home, no friends
Nothing but a cardboard sign to call my own
It hasn’t always been this way
I was once a CEO
But the economy bust did hit me hard
So on this curb I sit

I didn’t plan my life this way
But, then again, who does
As a CEO, I passed here and never gave a cent
So, I guess, why should I ask your help
It’s different with the shoe on my foot
From loafers to beaten, broken tennis shoes
But before you judge, I know it happen to anyone
Remember…. you could be next

I – like the men I passed
Ask you for your help
I’ve learned from mistakes
And promise, I will pay it forward
For through it all, I still believe
Goodwill in men still exists
But, if you pass me by, I’ll understand
I’ll never wish you harm

I’ll keep on standing with my sign
Accepting my current fate
While praying that my life will change
Before it is too late
I sit here in the elements, vulnerable and exposed
As you swiftly pass me by
I’ll pray for you, while I chat with myself
Not knowing my history¬†you’ll never know why

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