Hour 7, Prompt 9: What Might Have Been

The rural scenery is something I miss
The pig farms, the cornfields, the hills, the trees
And I would totally be remiss
To not mention the changing leaves
The coming of age, the small town life
The slower pace, the lemonade
The games and hobbies, the firsts, the strife
The lost industry, the traveling, the meetings, the parade
The learning, the laughter, the tears and the marvel
The trails, the rivers, the friends, and the rivals
The train tracks that ran through the middle of town
The two traffic lights, one most always out
The shops and the churches
A fountain of youth
Where childhood memories
Held immaculate truth
Those days are long gone
Yet I miss them still
The good ole days’ song
I’ll ne’er have my fill
My roots are there, planted
I sprouted and grew
I took it for granted
The best times I knew
I miss the simplicity
The slow, steady pace
But cherish their memories
With infinite grace
My heart longs for home
The cornfields and trees
The pig farms and train tracks
And life filled with ease
But maybe one day, we will go there again
Back there to the place
Of what might have been

One thought on “Hour 7, Prompt 9: What Might Have Been

  1. Jill, this is a beautiful poem, so poignant with memories and full of so much description and mood setting in few words. I love it! The first two lines drew me in and the rest of the poem kept my attention as you invoked scene after scene. It’s clear that this is home, and that you do long for it. The poem is excellent! But beyond that, I hope you are able to go home, where your heart longs to be. Maybe not right now…but someday not too far away. I saw an earlier post about your loss…I am so sorry. Keep taking deep breaths and writing through the tears. ❤️🤗

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