Introduction – 2022 Poetry Marathon

Hello fellow poets.

Summer is finally here and that means it’s poetry marathon time!! My name is Julianne (MacKenzie) Abend and I reside on Long Island in the state of New York within the country of the United States of America.  My household consists of my lovely husband and my dog aka “my sidekick”, Batman!

As this year progresses, so does the process of completing the many aspects of publishing a book – my first book of poetry. This continues to be a very exciting process for me.

Earlier this month, I was featured at an in-person poetry reading. The time before that, I was featured in an in-person poetry reading event in 2018. A lot had changed within me since then. I have learned (not mastered) the craft of reading poetry out loud to an audience. It’s a bit different than writing poetry for me. I write poems, as though they will never be read by me out loud. Now they are.

I am looking forward to writing poems hourly for the Poetry Marathan again. The first time that I was part of this event was in 2020. Honored, I had my last poem of the marathan published in the 2020 Poetry Marathon Anthology.

Good luck in your own writing ventures on Saturday.  Sending peace, love and good health to all who are participating. You got this!


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