A Gigan Poem for my Gigantic Ideals

1 Nancy is such a day-dreamer.

2 and possibly a teacher and peacemaker.


3 She once came to school late, and instead of hurrying,

4 her sixth grade teacher  — and classmates — watched as she stopped

5 in the park across the street to watch a squirrel play.


6 She loves stories, imagining herself there

7 in short stories or novels, and with visuals on TV or film


8 Likable characters, of the present, or the past,

9 redeemable folks can draw her in.


10 especially late blooming heroes and saints.

11 Nancy is such a day-dreamer.


12  She loves stories, imagining herself there

13 applying what she read in stories

14 Like expecting Johnnie Tremain to be as brave as George Washington


15 Sometimes a real life friend, child, or sibling can gain confidence

16 from such idealistic expectations.  Sometimes just seek other advice.


By Nancy Ann Smith, Poetry Marathon, prompt #8,   June 25, 2022



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