Last poem of 2017 half marathon!!!!

Quite a fun challenge–at least 90 different words,

Revised  to meet the 100 words at least 90 different words

An Umbrella day


Sun splashes her color out

into the sky

opening a wide orange

and red umbrella, a canopy

against the plan of today’s

dark clouds.

Sailors take warning!

It’s a red sky morning!

Sun’s umbrella disappears

as she pushes higher,

fighting for sky space.

Mutual enmity results in shouts,

Tears,  tantrums.

My morning paper news,

awaits on my driveway.

Sighing, I break out my own

bright red umbrella, make

a quick rescue run, then rest

inside to spend my day

missing sun, avoiding

chores, watching the rain.

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