Prompt #18: Baby’s First Easter

You had been awake most of the night.
And we had family coming in the morning.
I had only slept a couple of hours as the sun began to rise.
There was a light dew dusting the grass as the fog began to burn off.
You wasted no time in waking me when you were ready for your bottle.
I had not yet dressed when your grandma arrived to relieve me.
You looked so adorable in your brand-new Easter dress,
The soft pink gingham and white cotton lace paired with your little white shoes
Just perfection.
Grandma brought brunch; I was so happy to have help.
This Easter was your big reveal to most of the family
And while I knew that you could not go wrong,
Little did I know
that you would have a gift for me that Easter.
For as we sat around that afternoon after we ate an early dinner,
You surprised your father and I as you,
With all the ambition of the fighter that you are
You pulled yourself up to not only stand next to the coffee table,
But you took your first steps between us.
Your dad tried to record it,
While I started to cry,
Happy tears of course.
My dear daughter, we are so proud of you.
And we love you.

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