Prompt #22: A Refreshing Dip

The day had been beautiful
The sun remained high in the sky as we took our hike.
The incline, manageable, though the miles just kept coming, or so it felt.
There had been periodic breaks while we took a leisurely pace.
Beautiful sites abound on this trip,
God’s exquisite paintings at every turn.
But this one. This one took the cake.
Entering under the falls,
Sweat trickling over our faces,
Relief in our sites as the sun began to set.
Our ride would be coming soon to take us back to our cars,
Thankfully, there was time to indulge in a dip.
In a joyous refreshing dip.
The water running over our faces,
Cooling our tired bodies as we float among the fish.
The perfect way to end the day.


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