They are so new, and they all look alike.

This is mine, mmm, yes, one, two, three, four!

Fourth house from the end, across the street

From the big drainage ditch – my new playground.

I can smell the woods beyond

with places to run and hide.

And hear the buzz of insects

And songs of jays and mocking birds.

I can smell the ditch too, sloped banks of clay

give it an earthy smell, so nice!

I see the picnic park and playground

At the end of the street.

I bet those city kids wished

they could live is such a swell place.

And just out the gate, a country

store and gas station. Wish I had a dime

For a soda and moon pie.

Let’s see, 5 soda bottles will do it.

Have to start watching for them,

so I can treat myself each day.

As I lay on this thick carpet of San Augustine grass

I know it will make an excellent football field

For a pickup game with all the kids around.

Gee, wonder what else I can find

in this new place?

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