I Remember

It was hard, damn hard, being from Texas where someone,

not even a Texan, had killed JFK. He was my hero,

my reason for joining the military.

Now here I stood, at rigid attention,

in the crisp cold air, tears on my cheeks.

When they ask for volunteers in my military police company

At Arlington Hall Station, I felt compelled, by duty and

Love of my country to step forward.

My attitude, If you don’t love it, don’t feel honor bound to

serve your country, when asked, leave.

Leave now. I’ll buy the ticket.

Yes, I still remember that morning so many years ago.

I remember the solemnness of de Gaulle, six and a half feet tall,

standing beside Selassie, five foot two.

And John-John, with his small American Flag, saluting.

Here I sit today, some fifty-three years later,

enjoying the freedom we all enjoy.

And every single day since ‘the day,’

I say a simple prayer because that

Eternal Flame burns in my heart

Just as it does at his gravesite.

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