Hour Eight 2021

Education for a New World
Raffi calls his mission, Child Honoring.
Peter Gray, Free to Learn.
Dr. Maria Montessori goes further—
she exclaims, The Formation of Man. 

It was always innate for me, 
I don't know why, can't explain it. 
It wasn't a discovery, but common sense.
The Discovery of the Child.

The Secret of Childhood is still a secret.
The idea To Educate the Human Potential
is still a concept not accepted by most.
I got it as soon as I read The Absorbent Mind.

In 1949 Montessori wrote, 
"We know how to find
pearls in the shells of oysters, 
gold in the mountains,
but we are unaware of the spiritual germs, 
the creative nebulae, 
that the child hides in himself
when he enters the world to renew mankind."

If humankind wishes to reach salvation,
and the union of man, he must follow the child. 
That part of it which we possess consciously
is renewed every time a baby is born.

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