Midnight Poetry

Midnight Poetry

Desire takes me to a galaxy of stars,
newborns, not yet named,
and I can only hover in waiting.

Desire guides me down a mountain
landscaped with still-life moments
I’ve nearly forgotten; my brow collages
with a sweaty yearning I cannot control.

Desire refuses to allow me to stop
on my journey to fall into an abyss
of grief, a bier of stones rises from the pit
of my stomach to lodge in my drybed throat,
choking me.

Desire drives me to you, pulls over
at the curb and throws me to the street.
I crawl to your door, pound to let me in,
let me be all that you need, one more chance,
but your chilling indifference sends me back
to the stars, calling me to name them after you.

~ J R Turek
June 27, 2021 Hour 23


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