“Rambling Prose” POEM 10

The loss of hope in our current circumstance, is a direct reflection on our inability to trust that anything can move forward as normal. We have landed at a point where death is a commonality we are far too familiar with. We allow our lives to be used as pawns in a game of chess. How i long for the lower class to request a game change. The vanity of class imbedded in chess, gone. Replaced with the beauty of checkers. Every piece with the possibility to gain the freedom to move like Kings. No longer confined by the marginal positions of planned sacrifice. New found movements with the ability to return where it started from, better than when it left.

Let us risk our dignity and raise our voices as we shift from what has always been to what might be. The sight of imperfections, birthing hope as the ideal that perfection equals enlightenment is erased. Sinning paupers rubbing elbows with the bourgeoise, no need to hide their dreams of becoming elite. Can you see the smiles of victory now? The perditious weight generations lifted as the new game sets a level playing field. Wealth to be had & input given, received. Can you close your eyes and see the posture of a nation changed as hope is brought back and the life support wheeled away. Checkers is the name of the game!

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