You wonder how
I turn iron into gold
Pain into laughter
Abuse into strength
Slander into self-worth
Disrespect into self-respect
Sexual abuse into chastity
Emotional imbalance into stillness
Mental conflict into problem solving
Trauma into wisdom
Savagery into kindness
Deceit into authenticity
Ten of swords into ten of cups
Chaos into contentment
Wounding into worship
Battle scars into healed armor
Disenchantment into dreams
Attempts upon my life into living
Existence into presence
Sandcastles into a palace
Perceived perfection into embracing weakness
War into inner peace
Squalor into great abundance
Hell into personal paradise
The matrix into awakening
Self sabotage into self reflection
Screaming lies into silent honesty
Low vibrations into high vibrations
Naivete into discernment
Hatred into compassion
Misunderstanding into clarity
Anxiety into self motivation
Depression into attention
Emptiness into wholeness
Brutality into empathy
Understanding into comprehension
A raging explosive inferno into a flicker of candlelight
Lost identity into finding myself
Passion into purpose
Poverty into generosity
Perceived aesthetics into depth
Theft into gifts
Rage into collected calm
Ugliness into beauty
Being knocked down into rising above
I walk by faith and not by sight
I transmute energy
And transform into the opposite
No weapon formed against me shall prosper
Thus, I tread upon the path God paved
And I set my eyes to the sun and moon
Allowing the Divine to guide my way
Through and within Him, I found the way.

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