I can’t imagine a life
Without his smile
That bright beam that lights
My way through
The worst days
Shining brighter
My best…
He’s a silly tease with
Innocence abounding
Simple toilet humor
And a penchant for
Causing my senses to revolt.
He’s mama’s boy
With golden hair
Sunflower eyes
Just like his mama-
Shimmering with mischief
Just like his mama-
Silly humor and a cause to give rise
To temper, he quells with
He is so my child.
Without a word, he brings me flowers
I fasten to my journal.
He notices my pain
And finds ways to make it better.
He’s thoughtful, albeit a smidge
Playing upon my weaknesses-
His smile and that slight
Almost undetectable squeak
As I tickle him
Threatening to make him pee.
The honesty and closeness
We have is something that cannot
Be broken
Or marred
As he opened his eyes to truth
And sees with clarity
And knows what is right and good
And what is wrong and uncalled for-
But lacks the courage or conviction
To stand for himself-
But in ways he can’t
So I stand for him
and my protective boy he
stands for me
and life has a learning curve.
I was blessed with this monster
Who’s the spitting image of myself.
We drive each other crazy
But we love each other fiercely.
He is the greatest gift ever given to me-
The crowning joy in my life
the greatest thing I’ve ever done
was bring him into this life.
My son, my boy, my Puds
I have never been more proud
Of anything I have done
More than how proud I am
Of you.

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