Puppy Love

How envious I am of my dog
Sprawling like a human
Across my couch,
Darting like an arrow
Straight into the house
Nearly knocking me down as
He races past me,
Looking at me innocently with
His tongue lolling
Off to the side.
He groans like an old man
Every time he lays down-
A loud “Hrrumph” and a thud
And off to dreamland he goes.
He insists on sleeping next to me
At the head of my bed,
Absconding with my pile of pillows
I just positioned for myself.
He has no problem just sitting there
As I yank with all my strength
The small corner of blanket
When he decided to nap.
He just looks at me as though
My attempts to dislodge it are
futile and entirely amusing
While he gives me that look with his eyes.
He knows exactly which buttons to press
And talks back worse than
My ten-year-old son
After an all-night Minecraft binge.
The shit likes to run and won’t miss
The opportunity to escape
And prance around the neighborhood
And taunt me while I stand in the street
in my pajamas
no makeup
no shoes
hair a mess
with my hands planted firmly
upon my plushy hips while
Holding an empty leash,
But how I would miss the company
The warm, fuzzy cuddles
The kisses on my chin
The way he’d curl up and find
A place next to me
Even if he had to shrink himself
and bend space and time to fit.
My dearest Poet, you deserve a spot
In this marathon
For the honor of being your best friend
And the greatest most loyal one
That I could have ever had-
You truly are a blessing
and live up to your rightful name.

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