This One Won’t Make Sense

The moment when the sun subsides
from cloud to fire and dips behind another
hide-and-go-seek through the outer rims of space
given to those who want it
to feel like it had before
when nothing was innocent
Is fair game, what did I have to lose?
Except my soul tied ‘round with a necklace of rope
Swinging on the gallows, my heart
A cursed thing tortured like those swinging roaring
Twenties, where the speakeasies served
Their purpose for that time
When I used to fancy myself a poet
And I didn’t know it and my feet show it
Like you mean it, don’t just tell it-
Feel it in your marrow
In every ventricle and chamber
Pot is smoked reaching a high
Like a kite floating catching wind of
The truth as it exposed
Like bare breasts tore asunder
A pirate’s plunder
I’m left to wonder-
If I make any sense at all.

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