The Carousel Ride Prompt 11

Mommy lifted her onto the horse’s back. Kallie’s hair 

in tight pigtails matched the horse’s red-gold mane. 

Kallie squirmed and squinched on the hard, plastic surface

and began to cry. Oh no, Sweetheart, this will be fun!

Kallie looked at her mother, tears welling up. The music began.

It was kind of like the music that Miss Ella played for music

class. Kallie’s tears faded away and then her teeth peeked out between

her lips. Her head bobbed, the music played faster, and Kallie

held on tighter. She turned around at the sounds made by the other

children on horses and camels and tigers, oh my! They were

louder than the music and Kallie threw back her head, looked

at the top of the carousel and made the same happy sounds

as everyone else. They came from a place way down inside 

her tummy that jiggled up and down when she was ever so happy.

2 thoughts on “The Carousel Ride Prompt 11

  1. Oh my goodness – what a marvellous journey of young Kallie’s gradual adaptation to the carousel. The poem begins so cleverly – with focus on one small girl – but then opens and widens to include the other children sharing the same magical experience. Wonderful!

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