Hour Ten: A Hungry Fox

Hour Ten: A Hungry Fox

Tonight I had to duck an empty tin can pitched at my head.
Can you imagine having someone throw things at you
while you tried to get some dinner?

I’m sure you’ve heard all names they call me:
tricky, sneaky, cunning …
“Sly like a fox.”

Well, sure, I’m sneaky.
Because I HAVE TO BE!
Would you announce yourself knowing a tin can will be thrown at you?

Look, I’m just hungry.
I prowl around your neighborhood
because it is surrounded by food!

Your trash cans abound with bits of meat,
uneaten fruit, leftover pie.
and there are veggies growing right next to your house!

Oh, and did you know because of all that grub
your place is surrounded at night
by plump little rodents and garden-nibbling rabbits?

So, honestly, I’m doing you a favor,
tidying up the place,
maintaining a balance.

And most of all,
trying to survive.

I’m not foxy. I’m hungry.


“Personify an animal. Switch its trait. Example: a disinterested lion, a polite gorilla, an aggressive giraffe…” – Contributed by John Dutton

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