Everyone has a color. You’re not a person if you don’t.

I don’t know what you would be if you didn’t but you should

Pick one. Mine? Blue. My color is blue. Ultramarine to be exact.

A glowing blue. One that makes the eyes feel fuzzy and warm.

The type of warmth you get when your body has acclimated to surrounding

Water and you don’t want to get out. A blue that cradles and protects

but is dark enough to hide secrets. Where mystery can float in black wisps

like tentacles of an octopus on the ocean floor. Or like wings on a manta ray

in the open water where the bluest of whales sing to each other.


Everyone has a color. I’ve met red. Red and I have our disagreements,

but the shades of violet we make when blend (between sheets) and in

our minds are vast. We discover things about each other, Red and I.

I have Purple, not grape (even the word seems as artificial as the flavor)

But lavender blended with merlot, was this purple. She is one of my

Very favorites. The coolness of our colors blends like the last

vibrato of an evening sunset or the first chord of a sunrise symphony.

I’ve met most of the colors attached to the humans. Too many to list.

Each blends in one way or another and my people are the coolest of colors

(my fur does not do well with the heat) Emerald. Aqua. Turquoise. Viridian.

Cerulean. Lapis, Violet. Colors of waves in a waning sunlight. Revealing the

Darkness. These are mine. They stay with me. Those and any on the spectrum.


Everyone has a color. I want you to be mine. Come swim with me amongst my waves.

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