Salutations and Attention!
Attention wondrous citizens of the world!
This is a public service announcement administered by the VVVVU corporation.
Commencing at the end of this prestigious declaration any and all works of art, forms of expression, or attempts to satisfy any artistic proclivity
will be regulated through the use of our (and your) society’s competent technology.
Citizens of artistic predisposition may use approved digital canvases to administer consistencies of oil, acrylic, pastel and watercolor. Blending and shaping perfectly to fit your needs.
Citizens of artistic written predisposition may use approved ‘sketch-pad’ writing utensils that will reflect three forms of perfect calligraphy to fit your needs.
Citizens of artistic musical predisposition may use approved keyboards, keypads, drum pads, and sound machines programmed to perfect 4/4 and ¾ time signatures as well as perfectly set tempos to fit your needs…

(perfect. perfect. perfect. perfect. I’ve stopped listening, and have since put down my brush. I really hate leaving pieces unfinished but this canvas, once blank, now based in a mixture of cool ocean colors that I have since lost track of swirling and moving as the ocean once did. The last time I saw it anyway. They’ll be coming for this unfinished canvas. And my djembe sitting in the corner. And probably my other originals that will never have the chance to reach the insurmountable value of deliciously imperfect fine-art. What The Echelon doesn’t understand is that the best art isn’t perfect. it hasn’t been. Bristles caught in the strokes, buried in the rubbery acrylic, painting then repainting and rebasing and starting over again, it’s a part of the process. The pain is a part of the process. The pain. The numbing pain in my hands that I’ll never feel again. The only type of pain that comes from spending hours at a drum circle on the beach. I sit and wait now, waiting for them to come.
Wondering if I’ll ever feel real pain (good pain) again.)

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