I am the Wolf

Ya Volk, in Russian, for you gypsy types (my types)

You can find me in the dark, look for me in the night when

The shard of the crescent moon slices through smoky clouds, shades of black

Against a velvet sky, crusted with splintered glass stars


I am the Wolf

An auburn wolf, with hints of yellow ochre and russet (is that white?)

Eyes like the ocean before a storm, swirling, locked

Hunter’s eyes, eyes of a predator

You must not fear me.


I am the Wolf

The darkness fears me. For I am that which stands at the gates (your sentinel)

Ready to do violence against that which would storm your gates

I bare my teeth, lips quivering and a rumble, almost endearing

Echoes in the cavity of my chest. A war drum.


I am the Wolf

And you must not fear me. Are we not animals ourselves? (hold your heart in my heart & listen)

Every human given an animal soul to find and cherish. to hold. To become.

Become what you are. What you have been. Be wolves. Be lions. Be dolphins.

Be jaguars, and dragons. Be the creatures of Gaia. The Ravens of Odin.



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