They shouldn’t see our faces. Which is to say, our faces shouldn’t be what brings people to us.

They should want to listen. They should all want to wear their own masks. At our shows with the lights and sounds.


I’ll drum. I’ll beat my drums with sticks. I want you to create the beats I play my drums to and I want to see waves and waves of people when looking out from behind that series of cylinders of wood and hide. From behind the shiny metal disks. I want our vibrations to move people. Without our faces. No one should see those. It’s been done before. But not like this. Not like this. Everyone does everything but not the way we will.


They don’t have to move with us. We will move them and their bodies will make their own decision. Writhing. Jumping. Shifting. Sliding. Bumping. Banging. Whipping. I want them to be sore from the overdose of sweet endorphins that our music brings.

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