Second Sight

For mysteries did hide from me

As blind I was before

But then reborn that I might see

And faith— they then restore


Tears did drench mine eyes

Baptized through my pain

Yet— it’s then I could realize

The strength I did contain


Weakness sought to reign

Until I could start to see

That I just might sustain

With you that lives within me


My eyes began to wander

Searching for a key

Wisdom was my armor

That second sight gave to me


Strength was found within the bonds

Of wisdom that I’ve gained

Knowledge now responds

As weakness is restrained


For all I seem to now know

What I comprehend

Is that what’s now below

Is darkness that I tread


For with thine light I can see

Exactly what you intend

And anything that’s now before me

Is what I did portend


For strength and wisdom do now guide

The steps I seek to take

As mysteries now do not hide

But instead are wide awake



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