Tiny Dancer pt. 2

I’ve lost him.


Today, I danced for him,

But there was another present.


His lips brushed hers,

Her hands touched him.

I’ve never seen him so happy.


They were together in ways I could never dream.

Their eyes sang beautiful songs together.

No matter the music though, I didn’t feel much like dancing.

Darkness came to my world, and like that I froze in place.


If he ever returns for me, I will be so very happy.

I will be waiting for him with bright eyes and a cheerful smile.

My heart runs for him and for him alone, and not even this stranger

Could ever, ever take that away from me. I would journey the earth for him.

But until he decides to wind me up again, my world will return to the cold darkness.


Such is the fate of a tiny dancer.

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