Clever little critter, laboring
through the evening, to spin
his lovely, patterned, tacky carpet;
Inviting tasty prey, he hoped, to walk or step upon.

Down to the gutter and out over
the Holly; then back again to
wrap the downspout with
a tidy tablecloth of glue.

A gust of wind catches his just-spun cloth of
cloth of silky strand, tossing
him soundly against the waiting door.
“‘Just spin another wider web and glue it down again.”

Busy little spider,
failed to spot the bigger threat,
who came down to see what she might eat;
a lonely lady needing food to fill her reddened belly.

Ah, but have no fear. The lady cannot wed;
she lays some eggs and bids him come offer up
offer up his treasure. No strings attached, just nature’s way.
Persuaded by her beauty, he complied to be her dinner.

© 2017 Kathleen J Kidder
8/5/2017 Hour Nine – Half Marathon

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