Terror Inside

I hear the chilling sound of his voice
as I recognize behind me–the
cold click-clack of the shotgun loading.

Barely able to breathe, I lift my eyes from
the plates in my hands to
see his reflection, in the
window over the sink. I see his evil smirk.

“Are you ready to finish that fight now?”
My heart racing, electricity
surging through my body, in slow
motion, I turn to face him.

Fear so intense I lose
control of my body; seeing me
standing in my own puddle, he
laughs and walks out again.

Humiliated and terrified, I
drop to the floor and
weep for my babies, praying
they will never know this terror.

© 2017 Kathleen J Kidder
8/5/2017 Hour Seven – Half Marathon



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