Hour 23 Poem 23

I’ve found strength in your strength,

So don’t you waiver,

Burdens get heavier with each one that comes,

Out of the storm and another one comes,

Brighter days are ahead,

Must not succumb,

This is God, testing your faith,

Have you prayed yet today?

Minor setback, your comeback will be major,

You’re not tired of fighting,

You’re tired of the fight,

I can understand,

The are stacked up against you,

Things aren’t working for you but against you,

So, how can you believe it will be ok?

That’s faith, belief beyond measures,

Lest we hold hands, pray with me.

One thought on “Hour 23 Poem 23

  1. Faith is often difficult when life’s problems seem unsurmountable. Prayer is us demonstrating that faith and waiting on His timing. The last line shows support and compassion for one who is struggling. Well done. Thank you!

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