I Want to be Radical

content warning: vague references to current events, reference to Stonewall, general ‘fuck cops and politicians’ sentiments <3

My opinions are built off of the weight
of all the pain I’ve seen in the world;
carried up and away from the fact that
life’s not fair but fuck you, it should be.
So the fact of the matter is:
my opinions are radical, and more than that –
I wanna be radical.

I wanna be radical like,
I’ve tasted sunshine and am gonna share,
radical like, I’m gonna do something different,
like human rights should be a default not a privilege.
Cuz you see all this gloom-and-doom, this despair,
the absolute fuckin’ way that they chip and they take
and power begets power and you see that
anyone who wants power is gonna trample
everyone else who is in their way.

If it’s the same pattern over and over again,
then I want to change it.
I am sick of the status quo –
I’m radical, I wanna be radical like
first brick thrown at Stonewall and
living as myself and breathing as myself
and knowing my truths.

I wanna be radical like,
I’m gonna make a difference,
radical like, I’m gonna be happy even though you think I shouldn’t be,
like the lines that divide us are smaller than the things we share,
cuz I’ve been raised on fairy tales and I know all about
power of love, power of faith, the way we’re tied together –
my rights, my happiness, the same as yours,
red string of fate and soulmates being friends and
true love existing wherever any kind of love does.

I’m an optimist.
It’s kind of a foolish proposition to take,
but this is not the end of the world –
not as long as I’m living, breathing,
And I know everything seems bad but
humanity is a bunch of obstinate, stubborn fuckers
and we riot when we’re hurting.

I wanna be radical like,
none of this matters,
radical like, we can do better,
like when you choose hate I’ll choose love.
Sometimes the best I’ve got is
a raging, radical fuck you.

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