Tobago Great Race…8pm

I forgot!

I forgot that today was Great Race!

And I couldn’t find even one place…

to sit and be quiet…

as I try to finish this race.

People everywhere, every where.

Every colour,

Every creed,

Every Race.

But how many of those faces were there to take part in this great race?

Or were they sitting on the sidelines,


more likely they were there just spectating.


But life is not a spectator sport.

It would be safer if it were.

Then we would never get hurt.

We would never feel pain.

We would never fail.

We would probably even be content to watch and see others win

in this great race.

We would never cry.

(though eventually we would die).

We would never have to wonder,



But if we were just spectators,

never partakers,

We would never feel victory.

We would never fall in love.

We would never dance.

We would never know tears of joy.

We would never sacrifice.

We would never know how it feels to get up and keep on trying.


We can’t sit on the sidelines.

Not Today.

Today we need to get out and finish this race.



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