Poem 17 — You Broke My Heart

I never wanted it to be “us”,
You couldn’t let it rest.
You wanted to prove to me
You were my man I guess.
For a few good months,
You introduced me to this caring, loving man,
That he was qualified to spoil me in hugs and kisses, cuddle and hold my hand.
He was a sweetheart, well at least that’s what I thought,
I couldn’t share my secrets with you,
You were unhappy and you acted like it was my fault.
I couldn’t be WHO I was,
It was too much for you,
You felt out of context if I shared my deepest experiences I went through.
You didn’t know how to make me smile even when I was down,
Our business spreader to everyone but me, it was all over town.
I tried to explain to you
I was private, I didn’t like people feeling the need to discuss you and I.
You acted like I was mean,
Like we weren’t grown enough for us,
And you had the audacity to feel embarrassed if I was upset and would cuss.
I don’t remember how we ended,
I just know you lied,
You showed no remorse with your new woman,
Inside I crumbled, broke down and cried.
As time passes I realize I am in greater shape with myself, I portray a new part,
I’m not the woman you once knew,
I became courageous and stronger since you broke my heart.

One thought on “Poem 17 — You Broke My Heart

  1. This is beautifully honest – driven forward by such a powerful narrative: men can be so incredibly controlling and vindictive in the name of love (or what they believe to be so). I am truly glad you are, indeed, courageous and stronger – that comes across really clearly in this work!

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