Poem 23 — Hidden Places

You rest easily
In privacy,
You sleep peacefully
In private,
Embracing the genuine comfort of the mattress overtime hours of a job you despised bought you.
It feels like Heaven,
Not blue sky without clouds,
Without the Pearly Gates,
Not the place grandma resides,
The room that’s dark not depressing,
Bringing out the blessings
That bond in you,
Distribute in others,
The inspiration that brings out hope in others,
Gratifying the existence of the misfit.
It is a room,
No! It is a place of pleasure designed and dedicated to the peace only lived and felt in a pinch of many places.
It solidifies hard work, love and peace.
It is the light that sheds in my soul and expands my hopes.
I spoke in one room,
Yet I really speak highly with favor of my home,
The sound setting of my most awkward thoughts,
Please respect my place of peace.

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