Third Post: ‘To What and To Whom Does One Say Yes?’

‘To what and to whom does one say yes?’

One says yes to love, to adventure, to life rich and full,
One says yes to dreams.
Under pale moonlight in the dead of winter
Anything seems possible.
This man is a prince
And you are only a princess if you wish to be
Or else, you are adventurers together, together in a mystery,
As an old rhyme goes.

Back in the warmth and light of day
It’s so easy to shake off these dreams,
Regain the life you had before,
The magic of night useless in harsh daylight.
Shadows hide but also invite
Adventure and mystery,
Intrigue and romance,
That must not be forgotten.

Oh yes, one wants to say yes.
We must say yes!
Be a prince, a princess, a romantic,
A knight in shining amour
And an adventurer brave.
But most of all,
Be true and be real,
And say yes to dreams.

Title taken from Caryolyn Forche’s Elegy

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