Seeing with the Third Eye

Poetry is a practice of magick; using words to transfer the energy one is experiencing.
Each of us is infinitely more than what we may encompass in mere words; where my physical body now resides will tell you nothing of Who I am.
I am located in a small corner of the world, not unlike many other places–but I am not a resident of this location.
Light brews in our hearts and it Will illuminate any imaginable darkness– if we allow it. Thus why I have chosen to enroll in this marathon; to share what insights I have garnered from my own life.
We are cosmic entities passing through a veil of evanescent dust.


As Ikkyu said,
Forests and fields, rocks and weeds—my true
The wild ways of the Crazy Cloud will never
People think I’m mad but I don’t care;
If I’m a demon here on earth, there is no need
to fear the hereafter.

and in response,

Crazy Cloud; Koan completer—
they think I’m mad too.
I’ll opt for stars and streams,
waves and grass—we’ll
find lovers in her blessings.

Zen vagabond,
are you down where demons stir,
searching for enlightenment?
Or are you up there
laughing in awe?
Did the winds blow you over
cold mountain?

I think I saw you in the morning hour…
Crazy Cloud—
Denouncer of Ossified Masters–
will you join me for Shikantaza?

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