All-In (Masterpiece)

We’re a masterpiece, don’t you see?

Just try to see what it means to be alive.

Beating, singing, dancing to existence;

Thinking, feeling, planning; This condition is persistent.


We’re a masterpiece, we’re a witness, an author and an actress.

You identify what it means to sing and be alive.

Health and Happiness, salt-water taffy lips;

Creating in the moment, this condition, We own it.


Nothing I do is random, purpose and intention in tandem.

That’s two girls, one line. I’d explain it to you but I haven’t got the time.

If you don’t flex it, you don’t grow it, no pain, no–And you know it.

Create that vision and chime in, rewind that vision and I’m all-in.


We’re a master piece, we’re a witness…

Consciousness, Intention, Creation; Isn’t a sickness, it’s our business.

We are Human.



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