Let The Paint Dry

Sometimes it’s the smallest little realizations that make the biggest splashes,


I’m honored to hear natures voice sing in my heart, cause what’s worse than painting over wet paint?


You know? Bruce Lee couldn’t hear this and his legs stopped walking, this is what it took.


“You will never walk again.” Said the doctor. And Bruce sat in deep thought.


Months and months went by as he further defined his theories. Did he really lose his legs?


Or was nature forcing him to let the paint dry?


See, I draw with pencils and well, they’re already dry.


I started panting cars and that first layer looked like shit, I couldn’t tell why.


Later the next day I began again and it hit me, “You gotta let the paint dry!” I screamed.


I ran into the house and I stared.


I stared at my drawing, over 2,000 hours already invested into it.


I haven’t worked on it for about a month and I realized that I was just letting the paint dry.


Suddenly the drawing opened up to me. What do I do? How do I finish?


All of these things, I suddenly knew. And I finished that drawing in my mind.


I’m still letting the paint dry a little bit. It’s okay to take a break.


Natures voice is soft, easily missed. But when you’re as strong willed and dedicated as I am,


Nature just might take your legs for a short time while the paint drys.


You see, my friend, sometimes it’s the smallest realizations that make the biggest splashes.


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