Ideas Equal Reality

Ideas are things, I don’t need to tell you this.

Like the thought of her lips touching when you kiss

Or the sting of death on your mind, painful abyss

2 shots ring, thankful you miss.

Ideas are things, they’re the seeds of our reality

Be firm in yourself, concrete mentality

Thoughts and imagination become actuality

Artists of life; Thought, emotion and the Quantum Modality

Ideas are things, it’s where we all begin

Porkchops for dinner n’

The second season of love, I’m in.

Ideas surely are things, I’ll say it again

I can’t deal with mediocrity very well

To me mediocrity feels a lot like hell

Ideas are like a sperm cell, fuck it-Magic spell.

Careful what you think, I can’t write it much better, “Oh well.”



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