2022 prompt/hour 10: “owl is stupid – about being smart …bc trauma-anxiety is real”

2022 prompt/hour 10:

“owl is stupid – about being smart …bc trauma-anxiety is real”



Position Vacant: Magister Library Owl

Desirable characteristics

*older owl

*needs to be willing to dress the part when on duty

*needs to be able to pull off wise-owl-owl voice when necessary

*must be able to sit at the information desk for extended periods (if you have back or wing injuries please consider if this is the correct role for you)



He’d answered the advertisement

He’d met the stated criteria

He’d gotten through the interviews, somehow

He’d just skirted around the obvious

He’d been aware of his lack, of course

He’d been told not be be stupid about it

By friends

By family

By former workmates

But he knew

He knew they were looking for a *wise* distinguished old owl

Not a {stupid, thick as two planks, can’t get anything right ever can you? useless} owl


Yet somehow


They said yes

They offered him the job

He’d got it

He’d been accepted

He’d got a magical contract to be paid for life

He’d never go hungry again – not even if he was {stupid and useless and got it wrong again}

What was he going to DO?

Any moment now the magister librarians were going to figure out he was a total fraud

Find out do you hear

Find out he was a fraud

Find out he was stupid

Find out he got things wrong

Find out {he dropped things …and I’m so sorry I’ll fix it .. please – I’ll try harder … I can do better… I promise ..}

Find out he wasn’t *wise*

Find out he didn’t have a clue

Oh, OH what was he going to DO?


Merry – LordCricket 2022 poetry marathon

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