my secret lover

my secret lover

his morning song can consume me-

dark blossom bouquet that burns through

these dry cracks

showers off my dirt

makes me whole again;

able to run in the meadow-

when i close my eyes i can smell you

blowing in the wind.


quiet still thoughts sap my strength

hold me hostage to this sweet inner peace.

secret passions burning

looking for a place to call home-

his constant fire brands me his-

the endless refrain that plays out

a song with words that only we can sing.


my secret lover

always new, yet still the same

sweet voice and soul and smile unchanged;

the careless whisper that i long to hear

sends out his muted signals for me to get

and i wait with baited breath for the call;

the quiet plea to the place

where i discover what love should be.


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