Should have been born a fish

I hate gravity…


It causes billowing spots, all over,

of blue and purple

that turn unnatural shades of

green and orange.

I was born on land to live

a tortured life.

The corners of tables grab me and

the smallest of pebbles can trip

as man-made devices assist my fragile, weak body

in the simplest of things.


But in the water…


There is no gravity.

Fluid motion fills my limbs and, for once,

I am strong.

One kick sends energy to wings

suddenly sprouted

and nothing reaches to grab or stop my

forward inertia.

No crutches or chairs with wheels.

No thick pieces of glass sitting across my face.

At home, my limbs obey my commands,

as colors dance off of each other

with sparkling exuberance.


I am me under the water…

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