The Word Room

North and east the windows face.

Wallpapered in white with yellow, blue and red – tiny flower pattern-not “me”-

the walls originally done for a 9 year old girl –

I hope one day to paint all the walls flat white so I may write on them with Sharpie markers as I wish…

One half wall is all cork board-

done by me, for me (that glue high headache lasted two days)

Multicolored push pins by the tins full so I can post ideas, fragments, rages or whimsies

when so ever I choose,

from ceiling to floor.

Two desks, one, an off-cast kitchen table that holds:

keyboard, printer, tower, monitor, pencil holder, pens, honey jar full of rubber bands

miscellaneous treasures tucked about.

The second desk an heirloom roll top – from a unmarried uncle –

refinished from walnut to the original oak. Sycamore inserts my pride.

The rest of the room is junk shop eclectic.

A rickety drafting table for paper and stereo, set up and all around a mixed bag of

shelves and shelves and shelves for books and envelopes and hopes and mysterious collections.

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