Of Honor Killings and Curses

Whispering zephyrs secrets reveal
The old village Banyan tries hard to conceal

Underneath the cloak of stygian skies
lay stories concealed from seeing eyes
and floods of tears from forced goodbyes

But time is the keeper of all tales
blind yet partial to some details

When its wheels round do turn
History is repeated and oft churned

Yet, Karma’s eyes fair cards do deal
Whispering zephyrs secrets reveal

But time is the keeper of all tales
And churns to what karma entails
It ain’t blind to true lovers’ wails

Under the Banyan tree, lovers were slayed
The village was cursed, barren it stayed.

2 thoughts on “Of Honor Killings and Curses

  1. A lovely gigan. You have a flow to the poem, telling a story. A great response to the prompt. I am especially fond of the word paintings of stygian skies and whispering zephyrs. Well done!

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