Hour 15 (a prompt from Write The Story book.  Mash up two classic fairy tales.  I’m starting to get a little punchy)




She headed out with her basket of goodies and treats

Some things for her dear sick grandmother to eat.


She hummed and she skipped down the path through the wood

Her basket in hand, wearing her bright red capped hood


Up ahead were two kids looking lost and alone

She felt she could help them, try to find their way home


Hansel & Gretel soon learned that Red’s basket was filled

Enough food for them all, they were happy, they were thrilled


Being lost made them hungry, would Red Riding Hood share

They could dine at her grandma’s, they were almost there


She agreed to oblige them upon their arrival

For she knew that nutrition is a key to survival


They hustled along til they spotted some trouble

An old witch and a wolf were crouched down in some rubble


They both started drooling, with lunch on their mind

The threesome could tell they might be in a bind


Whispering to one another, they figured a way

To reach Red’s dear grandmas without much delay


Up ahead was a house made of candy and sweets

Made to entice those three youngsters to stop in and eat


They knew it was part of the witches attack

To lure them in with her plentiful snacks


They’d end up as dinner for the evil old witch

Now was the time to feed her their pitch


They called out to the witch and they convincingly lied

About wanting to rest could they please come inside


The witch and the wolf yelled back, please be our guests

Come in and sit down and let us do the rest


The witch and the wolf ran ahead with delight

Never dreaming the threesome were ready to fight


The kettle on the fire was already a boil

Hansel very quietly reached for his foil


Gretel managed to pick up a hand full of sand

They watched for the signal from Red Riding Hood’s hand


They backed up the witch and the wolf with the foil

Blew the sand in their face and they fell in the boil


The deed had been done, they were free from that fate

They could head on to grandmas, before it got late


Red Riding Hood made Hansel and Gretel a vow

That she’d get them home some way, some how


Grandmas house soon was filled with good food and much laughter

And you know the rest……they lived happily after.






















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